Bill Smith

I feel so lucky to have been involved with the group. The fellowship, the spiritual support and the training were all things that made the time during my job search bearable. Dave, I feel that God handpicked you to lead the group. You truly made a difference for me in many ways. To everyone, I wish you all the best. It isn’t the way we would want to have our lives affected, but since it happened, thank you for being there.

Becky Ott

I was offered two other positions at the same time and had a difficult decision to make. You will remember, however, that in my 30-second intro, I said I would like to work for an organization with a heart – I think I found it! Many thanks to you and the team for all the help, prayers, motivation and encouragement you provided while I was out of work. You are all very much appreciated.

Julie Payne

Thank you so much, Dave. NEVER doubt that your work has value and impact in the lives of others. Keep your energy and caring attitude. Thank you for your kind words, encouragement and prayers. For all you have done for me, may you receive back one thousand fold in kindnesses, concern and love from others!

Reneé Demmery

My résumé was better, and my skills were sharpened; but my attitude, emotions and resolve were greatly improved. It is hard to keep positive in a job search, and you turned that around for me. Having better tools gave some energy to my job search. I had more interviews and more calls, but my criteria for a new job were tight. People say there are no IT jobs on the south side; there are!

Tom Millea

Thank you again for all your help. After using a big outplacement firm – and then yours – I completely endorse your approach to career management.

Shannon Becham

I know I could not have landed this job without your coaching. It seemed like every lesson was right where I needed to focus my energy for the next week. It was very helpful – much, much better than the coach I had at a large outplacement firm. Thank you for the ministry you provide. I needed spiritual guidance as well as career guidance and I believe that you have the best of both!

Russ Tyson

Things happened very quickly for me after I became engaged in your services. I had used other outplacement services – yours is the best. It took less than seven weeks from the time I got started with you until the day I started a wonderful job. I estimate that one tip you gave me was worth as much as $8000 additional income.

Fred Fratto, VP

Your integrity and follow-through are unmatched. When I was VP of HR at another company, you knew about the departure of my boss, and the company’s president, before I did. You have always been able to handle confidential information with the utmost care.

Leon Herron, VP

You not only provided outstanding service locally, your project management skills had a very positive impact on our company, and our departing employees nationwide.

Bob DeVed, Director

You did an unbelievable job understanding our needs. After I heard your your analysis from our first meeting, I said you understood our needs better than we did. Another thing that impressed me was how you solved a problem that is common among outplacement companies. In my experience, employees who participate in a workshop-only program seldom get a résumé. You found a way to do it; of 182 participants, 181 got a resume. The quality of your work is outstanding.