David vs. Goliath

Overcome the “McOutplacement” Syndrome


Our Process vs. the Big Outplacement Firms

Much more individual attention. The big outplacement firms have cut costs and quality by emphasizing group meetings and web-based training — to the exclusion of individual meetings.

  • Longer, more frequent consultant meetings. Typical client meetings are two or three hours in length vs. 15-55 minutes. This helps to overcome the “McOutplacement” syndrome and provides a truly customized transition plan.
  • Real time, hands-on help. We are the only known firm who works side-by-side with clients to produce résumés, cover letters and other campaign collateral. We produce documents as we speak vs. having the client develop materials on their own, then wait 24-48 hours for turn-around time.
  • Market-Ready in Minimum Time™. After working with well over 5000 people in transition, we have operationalized the process of finding a job. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t — and what the most effective and efficient process is for creating and maintaining momentum to achieve job search success.
  • Complete set of collateral. We work closely with each client to prepare more collateral than traditional firms, who focus only on the résumé. We build a complete marketing and communication plan (36+ pages vs. 2-5 pages from the big firms). Although there are a lot more weapons, we develop them in less time. With better material developed in less time, clients get back to work sooner.
  • Best skill training. We’re not just talk, but practice too. When O’Farrell was with one of the world’s three largest career management firms, he was amazed that they did very little role-playing with clients, even though they advertised it as a key piece of the service.


Only Outplacement Firm on the South Side of Atlanta.

We are the only firm on this side of town devoted exclusively to outplacement and career management.

  • Short commute. Clients have a short drive vs. a 100-plus mile round trip to the north side of Atlanta. Clients are more likely to use — and benefit from — our service.
  • Local network. Clients benefit from interacting with a firm that has a strong local network; giving them the best chance of finding a good job, close to home, in minimum time.

David wins again!

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